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Why Small Halls Are Great – Classical Music in Tokyo

Why Small Halls Are Great?

You are closer to the performer

It’s an intimate space. Feel the music. See the facial expression of the musicians. Hear their breath.


Higher chance of autograph signing opportunities

However, you should know that Japanese people really love having autographs signed by their favorite artists, and therefore the queue gets very long.

This is probably the reason why larger halls in Japan sometimes give up the signing event.  Smaller halls are better anyway; the queue is long but not as long as that of the larger halls.


Great musicians and great programs

There are many small halls in Tokyo. You can choose from several concerts every night. Top artists from all over the world give great programs. You don’t want to miss them.

Solo recitals, duo recitals, chamber music, songs (lieder), early music, period instruments, and choir concerts are some examples of what they offer.


What Are the Problems with the Small Halls in Tokyo?

Halls do not provide online concert schedule in English

Some small halls do provide concert information online but if you click the “ticket” link, what you often see is a Japanese page or just a phone number you can call.

Most of the small halls do not give concert information in English, which is bad because their concerts are great and every music lovers should know what will be performed there.


It is not easy to buy the ticket in advance for some people

The whole system is inconvenient and difficult for foreigners to buy tickets. This is not only for small halls but also for large halls. Sadly, some people give up buying the tickets. This is really a problem compared how easily I can buy tickets of concerts in Europe from Japan.

Larger halls have a box office within the same building, near the entrance of the hall, so you can buy your ticket there, which is easy. Small halls may not have a box office. They sell tickets online, by phone, and on the day of the performance if there are any unsold tickets.


Here are my favorite great small halls in Tokyo.

The easiest way to get the ticket is go to the venue 30 minutes before the concert and buy your ticket there. Please remember that they sell only if there are still available seats.

"Ticket Pia" is a typical online ticket service system in Japan, which sells tickets of many different venues all across Japan. The service is provided only in Japanese. After purchasing the ticket, you need to go to one of the convenience stores in Japan to receive your ticket, which is impossible if you are a traveller based in countries other than Japan.


Hamarikyu Asahi Hall

Tsukiji Shijo Station

Seating Capacity: 552

Schedule in English: No

Ticket: Online (Japanese), Phone, Ticket Pia (Japanese), etc.


Kioi Hall

Yotsuya Station, Akasaka Mitsuke Station

Seating Capacity: 800

Schedule in English: No (except for the schedule of the hall’s chamber orchestra)

Ticket: Online (Japanese), Phone, Ticket Pia (Japanese), etc.


Toppan Hall

Iidabashi Station, Korakuen Station, Edogawabashi Station

Seating Capacity: 408

Schedule in English: Yes

Ticket: Online (Japanese), Phone, Ticket Pia (Japanese), etc.


Oji Hall

Ginza Station

Seating Capacity: 300

Schedule in English: No

Ticket: Online (Japanese), Phone, Box Office, Ticket Pia (Japanese), etc.

One of the few small halls which have a box office in the hall building.

The box office is open only on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00.


Musashino Civic Cultural Hall

Mitaka Station

Seating Capacity: 425

Schedule in English: No

Ticket: Online (Japanese), Phone, Box Office (civic centers in Musashino city including the halls, cash payment only)

Slightly away from the central Tokyo but still accessible. Programs and artists of this hall are very unique. The ticket prices are affordable. Highly recommended.


Other Small Halls in Greater Tokyo

Yamaha Ginza Hall
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Hakuju Hall
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Suntory Hall Blue Rose
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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall
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Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater Concert Hall
Saitama Yonohonmachi
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Philia Hall
Yokohama Aobadai
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Muse Tokorozawa Civic Cultural Centre
Saitama Kokukoen
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