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To take or not to take, that is the question – The bag of flyers

You are in Tokyo.


Outside the hall, before the concert, you see some people standing there to give a bag of flyers to concertgoers.




This is perhaps a Japanese thing. I’ve never seen it elsewhere.


Will you take the bag?



It’s fun to check the flyers of classical music concerts. You will probably find a concert you like and buy another ticket.



You can always check concert schedule on internet. Many (50 or more) flyers are in the bag. You don’t want to bring home something you really don’t need, do you?


Some people read the flyers during the concert, drop some flyers and make noise. It might be better to give the flyer bag after the concert.


So, will you take the bag, or not?

It’s up to you.


Some people take the bag and check all the flyers before the concert, and then take home only what they like and put other flyers into the garbage box.


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