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Classical Music + Travel = Happy Life

You like classical music and travel!?

So do I !!


Classical music is NOT a mere entertainment.

It triggers our interest in many more things, including history, literature, mythology, religion, philosophy and languages, just to name some.


What is more, we travel.

We, classical music fans, can deepen our knowledge by exploring Europe and other places around the world.


We are restless.

The more we travel, the more we love classical music.


The lists of places in this website include:

  • Places I’ve been (and I liked)
  • Places that are important for classical music lovers
    (As you see, the lists are not complete. I will add more places as soon as possible.)
  • Places that are not so important but I think you might like
  • Places I want to go in the near future


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You saw me in an opera?

Madam Butterfly?


No, that wasn’t me, unfortunately.

My name is just a typical surname in Japan.


I wish you a very happy music and travel life!

Bon voyage!



From Tokyo, Japan

November 2018

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